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Review: Coldrain - Final Destination

I asked a friend to recommend some song for me to review. I've never really reviewed anything seriously before, but I'll give it my best.
Obviously, this will be my personal opinion and you may not agree, feel free to, but respect my right to my opinion.

Okay, so let get started.

I choose Coldrain - Final Destination

In general: The song is a wonderful rock song. The melody is great and catchy, the music is great and the vocals is pleasing. Even though the band is not very old, they sound professional. The music never irritates my ears, but is instead nice to listen to and kinda relaxing in a weird way.
The music video: It's an interesting concept to film most of the video from below. I know better than most people, how hard it is to make something like good from that angle, but it works. No, it does not look pretty, but these guys does not need to look pretty, they are rocking and the style matches the rock and roll feel well. The video is not as clear and sharp, as I would have preferred, but I'm not sure, if it's just this particular video quality that sucks.
Other than that it's a boring music video. It should be no secret, that I prefer music videos with a plot or story to tell. Here we just look at the guys playing, and there absolutely no eyecandy, as it is hard to even see the guys and secondly, when you do see them, it's an up-the-nose shot. So not sexy.
Lyrics: At first I was so impressed the song was entirely in English. That was until I learned that the vocalist was half American and speaks English as his native language. That's a bit less fantastic, but it doesn't change the fact, that I love hearing Japanese bands releasing English songs.
The song is about a guy who has decided to fucking do it. What he exactly decided to do is not explained. And that's about it.
Personally this lyric hasn't touched anything inside of me. Maybe because the lyrics is too unspecific?
I can somewhat understand the feelings in the song, but I don't think the words in themselves expresses very strong emotions. The music is a whole other topic.
Conclusion: It's a pretty nice song. The strongest point is clearly the music. The music made me feel it. The lyric, not so much.


No no, don't worry, I enjoyed your comment a lot! It made me so happy, you've taken so much time to consider what I said. :) That makes it feel like it was worth my effort (even though I don't exactly review stuff for comments sake. BUT I do appreciate it! XD).

Yeah, I try to review one each day, and see if I can get my lazy ass into work. XDDD

The vocalist indeed has a nice voice! It would be second on my list of best things about the music video.

Yeah, I'm also pretty bored with visual kei, I rather have some soft rock instead. :D Or bands like this is okay too.

The eyecandy comment was kinda said, because I might review stuff in the future there's much more eyecandy, so I felt it needed to be considered. I don't need eyecandy to like a band. XD

Yeah, I guess I'm really used to HD. ._. I can't stand blurriness. D:

I'm very much interested! I love slow songs. I'm cheesy like that. :P
Gaaah, I'm so sorry it took me so long. Sometimes I lose my focus completely. D: So sorry.

I just listened to Final Destination again, and god, it's such a wonderful song. I'm so happy you recommended it to me. :)

I've finally downloaded all the music! Now I'll put it into my playlist and I'll listen to it tonight and give you my opinion, so sorry if there's gonna be another response from me about it. Probably on tumblr since it's easier that way. XD But I promise to write to you, as soon as I've listened to it. ^__^