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Review: 30 Seconds To Mars - ATTACK

I'll try my best, and see if I can keep up reviewing one song a day. Sounds hard, but I actually have a lot of fun doing it. :)

Today I choose 30 Seconds to Mars - ATTACK Thanks to a recommendation from a friend.

In general: It is no secret I'm a huge fan of Jared's voice. He has a, maybe not unique, but very emotional voice, that touches me whenever he sings. This song is no exception. The melody grapped me right away. It's easy to follow, expresses emotions, sounds solid.
The music video: What's up with the "white pencil marks" in this video? It's very irritating for the eye. And it makes the MV look cheap, which I'm sure it isn't.
Most of the video is focused on the band playing, but we do get to see some flashes of some girls, which I assume is supposed to be the girls(?) the song is about.
The camera is used cleverly in this video. It flashes around shifting focus all time. It follows the feel of the song.
Other than that it's not the most interesting music video, and it's not aesthetics pleasing.
There's only close-up of Jared, which I feel is a little unfair, but at least he looks wonderful.
Lyrics: What Coldrain lacks in lyrics, 30StM has. I liked the song from the very beginning, but when I read the lyric, I fell in love.
The words are chosen wisely, emotional, but not over dramatic, and it's sung as he really means it. My favorite part is the first verse.
"I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted

Surrender to nothing, or give up what I

Started and stopped it, from end to beginning

A new day is coming, and I am finally free"

This song is about a man who has abandoned his old ways and is standing strong. He had a break-up or somehow left a person who made his life bad, and it's for the better. He has found his way back from the darkness and has found his strength. Going from being the weak to being the kind of person, who attacks.
It's a wonderful lyric.
Conclusion: The video may not be the most interesting music video in the world, but the lyric is indeed interesting and made me fall in love. 30StM is a brilliant band and this song is yet another example of how strong music they make.


Have fun when you go and see them. I hope I'll be able to see them someday. .-.
There'll always be fangirls who are more obsessed than you. And you can help but envy them and hate them a litte. :(
I've never talked to any band members ever, but I would love to. I wouldn't freak out, or screaam, or cry or anything silly like that. ._.

Omg, seeing a live together. That could be so much fun! And I would actually have someone to go with. We totally have to do that!

Hyper is good! ^__^